Industrial Vastu Consultation Kandla, Gujarat

When the principles of Vastu are applied correctly to the activity center in a factory, there will be a noticeable increase in productivity and the possibility of producing high-quality products.

When designing a factory layout, it is important to consider the placement of finished goods, raw materials, machinery, tool rooms, electrical panels, and laboratories by Vastu principles. Vastu is a traditional Indian system of architecture that emphasizes the harmonious arrangement of elements to promote positive energy flow. By aligning these key components of the factory with Vastu principles, it is believed that productivity and overall well-being can be enhanced. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the location of these areas within the factory to ensure a balanced and favorable working environment.

Effect of good or bad Vastu will be felt by a company and its people.

A brief case study on running a manufacturing unit in Kandla, Gujarat which is surveyed by team vastuplus.

kandala vastu 1 rotated vastu consultant

Vastu findings of the above Industrial Plant in Kandla

ParticularVastu zoneEffect
Front EntranceNWW ZoneProduct moves faster
Weight Zone- MachinesEarth ZoneStability
BoilerFire ZoneCash-rich
Centre of the propertyBrahmasthanHarmony
Finished Good (-ve)North EastImpacts sales
Raw MaterialSouth WestGood productivity
the shape of the Unit (-ve)Extended NWthe shape of the Unit
Water Body(-ve)North WestQuality issues

About the vastu Corrections:-

  • We can refute the prevailing misunderstandings surrounding Vastu. Most existing and preconstructed structures do not require extensive demolition or reconstruction to implement Vastu adjustments.
  • One advantage of Vastu is that it enables you to witness notable enhancements in your business through the implementation of uncomplicated yet impactful modifications. It is essential to understand that Vastu is not associated with any religious practices. Instead, it revolves around the principles of vibrational science, specifically centered on the five elements of Earth, fire, water, space, and air. By harmonizing and equilibrating these elements, you can tap into the beneficial energies of Vastu to propel your business towards success.

Vastu Zones

vastu kandla vastu consultant

Heavy Zone- Need to move machines here

Tranquility Zone- Create an underground water tank

Movement Zone- Create a finished good zone

Fire Zone- Boiler location is good

Balancing Zone-Reduce the load and keep free from heavy load

Key Issue-Cluttered space

The entire unit was full of clutter. A cluttered Space was creating a stagnant energy.

Stressed locations are always full of clutter. Messy and unorganized premises contribute to stress. You should realize that unnecessary stuff is holding you back as opposed to bringing you success.

Energy is like water. When it flows effortlessly, it moves freely. Our space is very similar to the body. When we have accumulated stagnant energy around us, we feel exhausted, drained and sick. It creates a negative field that occupies your mind and body.

Residue builds on walls and in corners of every premises on the daily basis with lots of manufacturing activities. People working there become stuck and their environment results in energetic blockages.

Clutter and dirt create stagnant energy and impede the flow of positive energy. Therefore, the first step is to be ruthless and go through the entire premises and clear out everything that is no longer of use, as well as clean everything as you go.

Clean space removes undesirable energy from businesses and property. In a clean space people feel lighter, more confident, have more energy, are more positive, and find more clarity in their working.

Industrial Vastu Recommendations for unit at Kandla, Gujarat:-

  • The central area should not be congested with heavy machinery or goods. It should always be kept clear and open. Create a 10 ft x 10 ft square painting using yellow paint. Goods can be moved through this area, but no heavy loads should be placed there. Read the article on the importance of center of the space
  • Introduce a huge underground water body in the north-east zone. While every element holds significance, the water element is particularly crucial as it symbolizes the energy’s fluidity within the business. The presence of water signifies a continuous flow and movement, which is essential for the vitality and success of any enterprise. Water plays a dual role in rejuvenating and cleansing. Eastern cultures continue to regard water as a valuable asset for both their physical well-being and spiritual rituals.
  • In the realm of business, a production process that moves in a clockwise direction represents forward progress. The ideal scenario is for goods to flow in this manner, indicating a smooth and efficient movement throughout the system. This clockwise motion signifies a progressive approach, where each step builds upon the previous one. By adhering to this direction, businesses can optimize their operations and ensure a seamless flow of goods from start to finish.
  • Remove the extension created due to additional construction of the bathroom. Extension at the northwest creates disturbing people in the network. If an extension is incorporated into the current rectangular structure of the building, it will alter the overall layout and shape. In Vastu, the ultimate goal is to establish an equilibrium and harmonious energetic atmosphere. The primary objective is to create a well-balanced and cohesive environment that promotes positive energy flow.
  • A heavy load at the north-east should be removed. Huge vessels are creating a big load in the northeast corner. It is commonly believed that positive energy flows into your space from the northeast direction. This phenomenon is said to attract good vibes, which can contribute to the growth and success of your business. Any hindrance caused by a heavy load or substantial structure in the northeastern direction has the potential to impede the progress of the business.
  • Place Jade, Sadabahar, Audumber, and mint plants around the structure following the specified orientation outlined in the Vastu report. Plants have a significant impact on attracting positive energy to specific areas in business locations. They not only bring in positive and vital energy, but also attract the energy of growth, which contributes to good fortune, wealth, money, and prosperity. By strategically placing plants in the right corners, businesses can harness the power of nature to enhance their success and abundance. These plants serve as a magnet for positive vibes and create a harmonious environment conducive to financial prosperity and overall well-being.

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