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Hamriyah, UAE, Free Zone is an industrial zone in Sharjah that serves as a home to nearly 6,500 businesses from more than 160 countries. The location offers state-of-the-art amenities, including manufacturing plants, storage facilities, premium executive workspaces, and standard office spaces.

About Industrial Vastu

There are several different approaches to incorporating key Vastu principles into the design and planning of factories. It is important to ensure that both the factory and office building are constructed in a way that aligns with the elements and energies that promote good fortune and wealth. This is crucial for the success and prosperity of the business, both domestically and internationally. It is recommended to have a significant amount of open space within the premises, allowing for the flow of cosmic energy that will support the growth of the business.

A Vastu planning should not contradict or hinder the functioning of a space, but rather, it should enhance and facilitate the work or activities performed within it, leading to optimal results.

A case study on running a manufacturing unit in Hamriyan, UAE which is surveyed by chief vastu consultant, Nitien Parmar

vastu harmiyah uae vastu consultant

Vastu findings of the above Industrial Plant in Hamriyah, UAE

ParticularVastu zoneEffect
Entrance GateSW/SE/NE/NWProsperity gates are not used
Weight Zone- TanksEarth ZoneStability
BoilerFire ZoneCash-rich
Centre of the propertyBrahmasthanHarmony
Finished Good (-ve)South-westSlow sales
Raw MaterialSouth WestGood productivity
the shape of the Unit (+ve)RectangularGrowth-oriented
Water Body(+ve)North-east Quality assured

Vastu zones

Heavy Zone- Need to move more tanks here

Tranquility Zone- Dig a borewell here

Movement Zone- All finished goods to be removed from this zone

Fire Zone- Boiler and generator location is good

Balancing Zone-Open space- highly positive

Vastu Recommendations for Hamriyah plant :-

Put maximum load at the west and southwest for the tanks for better output

Why southwest should always be loaded?

The south-west quadrant represents the area to be fully utilized, constructed and loaded all the time. A heavier south-west produces peace and prosperity beyond your wildest dreams. When we willfully keep the southwest open or less loaded and  make a north zone with heavy objects, the flow of energy moves towards reverse direction.

Remove the over-ground water tank from the northeast zone.

Why to avoid load towards the north or northeast?

The significant burden in the shape of tanks or resources heading towards the northern or northeastern direction diminishes your financial resources. Sometimes, it can lead to unending tension and strain.

Other recommendations:-

Process flowFollow a Vastu chart
EntrancesUse prosperous gate marked in the Vastu report
Working DeskCEO to Face north, Employees to face east or west
ParkingFollow a Vastu report
CanteenFollow a Vastu report
ColoursFollow colour table
BathroomDo corrections for southeast Bathrooms
Correction-1remedies to follow for the Water filter plant at southwest
Correction-2Reception desk to relocate in the positive orientation

Vastu rating

vastu rating vastu consultant

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