Vastu For House Hunting – How To Select A New Home?

Vastu For House Hunting – How To Select A New Home?

Finding the right new home is a stressful task! With so many considerations such as price, area, size, and equipment, it’s easy to distract yourself and ignore potential home features and potential problem areas. Your future dream home may come with some Vastu problems.

However, the reason some people succeed and others fail may be due to personal space. Vastu is an environmental study related to five elements with eight key directions. Vastu is now a key consideration during the process of house hunting.

It’s time to find a new home, and you’ll search through real estate apps looking for the perfect dream spot.  Vastu is there for you in a big way when it comes to finding your next abode. It will help you find out what your future happy place is! Energetic buildings attract more users or buyers with less effort and therefore stay in the market less often.

First impression

The first rule of thumb is to determine how the site and surroundings make you feel. We are naturally attracted to premises that have good energy– not just a good architecture, but also a positive feeling. Whether you know about Vastu or not it is our natural instinct to go by a feeling.

When hunting for a house, if something doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t the best choice as per Vastu. 

The shape of the property

The most fortunate shapes in Vastu-compliant homes are usually squares and rectangles. Avoid buying an L-shape house with irregularly shaped rooms. These shapes impede, disrupt, and cause energy stagnation in the house. This leads to terrible Vastu!


All you need to do to create the perfect environment for a happy and healthy home and family is to follow these three steps: Find the right apartment or villa in a scenic location. Surround your new home with plenty of trees (or nearby parks) and natural light. Then decorate it with vast guidelines.

Layout- a Floor plan

The most fascinating thing about any property is how the structure is built on the plot. The floor plan can tell you a lot about its potential and show what size rooms fit well in that space.

Front Entrance

The entrance to the house is considered the most important sector as it determines the orientation. Therefore, when looking for a new home, be sure to look for a positive and auspicious direction.

The front entrance is the opening to your home, and it should be designed in a way that complements good energy flow. The perfect entryway should be a big and inviting entrance that stands out from the rest of your space in some way.

Open space will allow power to come into your home without any interference – don’t make the mistake we have seen many homeowners do where they cram too much furniture against their entryway!

The front door should not be directly in line with an elevator or stairway to allow for the proper flow of energy into your apartment.


With the demands of the digital world in our time, the need for quality sleep is becoming more and more apparent. Creating an environment that promotes sleep is essential, and as a combination of functional and beautiful designs, the bedroom has been the focus of experiments by some great architects and designers.

Make sure the bedroom is in the power position in the layout. This gives you maximum relaxation and tranquility.


There are certain areas in the house that should be avoided when it comes to kitchen placement.

According to Vastu kitchens carry true fortune and prosperity into our houses so they must be located in auspicious sectors (southeast-best, northwest-neutral).

A poorly placed kitchen will bring negative manifestations such as poor health over time due to its location– even if you don’t subscribe to this spiritual philosophy!

What is the Vastu Strength of the space?

Statistically speaking only 25 to 30% of the buildings constructed without using Vastu have a chance of being fairly good. The remaining 70 to 75% usually have some kind of problem. A  Vastu Expert can determine this during the process of making a layout of the building or during the internal planning of each unit. Vastu is a positive force. It enhances your vitality, your finances, your career, and every sector of your life.

Are you buying A Resale Property?

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When you are in the process of buying or renting second-hand premises, first inquire about the history of the previous occupants. If they were successful and moved to a bigger or more prosperous location that is always a good sign. On the other hand, if they did badly, had frequent illnesses or financial problems, then more than likely there is a carry forward of problems to you according to the Vastu. If it is left uncorrected it will likely affect you adversely as well.

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Are there any Vastu Corrections?

A big question that many people ask is, “Can any premises be corrected?”  Since constructions are man-made any premises can be corrected.  Some corrections could just be symbolic and some require little or more structural changes. 

Vastu Shastra offers many remedies and alternatives to make your house or business premises Vastu-proof. When you apply Vastu, you are likely to feel more creative in all aspects of life, looking at things from new angles and having innovative ideas. It is about locating good energy and how to activate it to maximize its uses.

Unoccupied property and Stagnant Energy

space purificationA home or office which remains unoccupied for a long time will signify that something is wrong with its energy and whatever had caused the problems for the previous owner is more than likely going to affect you in a similar manner. Space clearing is necessary at such locations. Everything in our environment contains energy, often that of events or predecessors who stayed before the house which remained unutilized.

With positive Vastu, you will be able to move ahead with zeal, determination, and enthusiasm. There will be an enormous success. It is like a holiday at home.


When you keep your apartment Vastu in harmony, you’re promoting positive energy and good fortune. It’s best to keep this in mind when you’re choosing where you want to live. For example, if you choose to rent an apartment that faces the street, you may notice that noise is a bigger issue than it would be if you chose an apartment that faced a wall.

If you’re currently in search of a new apartment, keep these tips in mind to help you determine if the space is Vastu-friendly. If you’ve already found an apartment but aren’t sure if it’s in harmony, you can consult a Vastu expert to help you determine if there are any red flags that should be addressed in order to promote a positive flow of energy within your home.

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Nitien Parmar
Nitien Parmar