Project Vastu


Vastu for Projects

Vastu is an ancient system of harmonizing our physical surroundings. All over the world city planning has violated natural laws. The core concept of Vastu Shastra entails the five key elements: Water, fire, earth, wind, and space. Each element is associated with a specific direction and energy which serve as a guide to enhance the flow of the energy and improve the balance of the five elements in the surrounding environment. Large projects related to infrastructures, town planning, or city planning can be efficiently planned with the Vastu shastra guidance.

Infra projects

Infrastructure is essential and considered the backbone of a healthy economy. Well-planned infrastructure project improves productivity, engenders competitiveness, and contributes to the long-term sustainable economic growth of the country. Infrastructure enables trade & businesses, connects people to their jobs, creates opportunities for major communities, and protects the nation from an increasingly unpredictable natural environment.

  • Roads, tunnels, and bridges
  • Metro as well as  Monorail projects
  • Dams
  • Ports
  • Town & City Planning
  • Residential Complexes
  • Commercial center
  • Industrial Colony

The key consideration to follow  as per  Vastu for the project

  • Surrounding of the project i.e. road, river, hill, etc
  • The contour plan of the project
  • Project plan as well as a survey plan
  • Location of the Site administration office
  • Entrances, placement of CEO, managers, engineers, and staff in the admin office
  • Startup suggestions so the project can be completed within the stipulated time
  • Location of contractor offices
  • Store as well as toolroom
  • Project demo room
  • Employees dining as well as a canteen
  • Vehicle and  Machinery zone
  • Workers quarters
  • Warehouse for keeping a material

Get professional Vastu Services

We need the following information to proceed with a consultation:-

  • The proposed layout or plan of the project
  • Site Location of the project on Google

In our consultation report

  • Get  in-depth Vastu analysis of the project site
  • Find a detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of any premises.
  • Get explanatory report detailing each area of the site based on Vastu principles
  • Get recommendations for rectification using natural elements
  • Find charts, graphs, tables, and also drawing to understand the recommendations.

The Result

After implementation companies have seen their project moves as per schedule without much difficulty. 

Contact us today to schedule your on-site consultation and quickly understand how Vastu can dramatically offer profitable and beneficial advice to your project.