Virar Vastu

About project

Period: Feb 2016

Client: Confidential

Subject: Weekend Home Project

A beautiful apartment project near the mumbai with all amenities for rest at weekend  home.

Our Task Was

We were consulted by the builder for the corrections in the layout of the well planned project. Since project was not yet commenced, there were good chances to implement project vastu.

We were assigned job of planning all vastu arrangement for the projects like   site office, workers area, building construction material store, display section, water body location, power station, process of constructions & garden area.


A site plan was already done by the architect, our job was to place all vastu elements in a proper directions.

  • A center part of the project was open to sky (brahmasthan)
  • Our team has marked all important placements like water body, swimming pool, power house, garden & site office in the pre design project.
  • A positive entrance for the project has been marked
  • Since our job was to make a project vastu compliant, we have not analysed the individual planing like kitchen, bed room , toilets & entrance locations.
  • Height & width of the plot boundry has been marked on the plan.
  • Space purification & cleanin gprocess need to follow  before commencement of project.


Entire layout has been divided according to vastu grid & its directions.

  • A workers at construction site has been shifted from north east
  • A compound wall & water body is the  priority in every project to be a successful.
  • A temporary power station location has been marked in fire zone


Project vastu compliance 80%

Vastu Grading “A” which is good for investors and , real users for weekend home project.