bangkok vastu consultant

About project

Period: May – Sep 2015

Client: Confidential

Subject: Setting up of New Plant

A successful company has planned an expansion unit at Pattaya (Thailand Bangkok) to venture new market.

Our Task Was

Since it was a ready to rent a factory in Thailand , our tast was to make a vastu planning.

A first visit was made to survey a unit & do a vastu reading.

A second visit was about the implementation of proposed plan.

Third visit was about the functioning of the vastu advice, its effect & auditing.


Stage-1. Planning of Machinery Zone

Stage-2. Planing of utilities

Stage-3 Administrative office

  • All heavy machines were planned in Earth zone.
  • Production process were made clockwise
  • Admin office with directors, managers & staff seating planned following vastu principals.
  • Positive entrance was used for all manufacturing activities.
  • Utilities like water body, power house, panel rooms etc. were  placed according to the vastu element zone.
  • Earth area has been enhanced with rock garden on outer area.
  • Parking location has been provided with the advice on facing the vehicle.
  • A tranquility zone i.e. worship area, a key placement in any establishment in the Thailand.


A detailed vastu report with vastu layout done by  our team has been presented to the owner.

  • A north-east zone has been planned to perform a activities related to research.
  • A north-west zone has been allocated to finished goods and a wash room area, scraps and few utilities.
  • A South-west zone has been loaded with heavy machines, factory incharge cabin
  • A South-east zone area was made as a raw material godown, store room.
  • Material movement & production process designed as per vastu recommended process.
  • Workers entrance, dispatch gate and office entrance has been placed in the auspicious zone.
  • Directors, executives & office staff seating has been placed based on vastu recommended flow.


A unit has been upgraded with vastu rating A+, a vastu compliant plan.