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About project

Period:  Jan 2017

Client: Confidential

Subject: Warehouse Project

A client has got a offer from the land owner about the various plot available in the surrounding location. Seeking long  distance consultation for quick deal.

Our Task Was

Clients has sent different plot plans to select most suitable as per vastu.

He has got offer from many land owners to develop location for warehouses.

There was immediate offer from people to rent a premises if available with good planning.


Our team has analysed shapes, contour & various aspect of the plot based on vastu rules.

  • Analyzing the slope of the plot
  • Analyzing the shape of the plot
  • Planning a individual layout for the warehouses
  • Plot slope towards the south-east needs a vastu corrections.
  • Bathrooms, water tanks & power house need to plan
  • Internal road has been made so all units has access from positive directions. A  positive entrance is very important for success for any establishment.
  • Shape of the each unit has been planned in a such a way that each forms a rectangular shape. Irregular shapes are always difficult to sale or rent.
  • Awareness about the vastu has made builders to plan their location according to vastu all over the world.


A individual warehouse in the entire layout was planned as per vastu looking in to the basic requirements like admin office, storage space, wash room, utility area & open space.

  • A roof & flooring slope has been provided towards the north-east.
  • Bathroom for each warehouse has been placed in north-west zone.
  • Each warehouse has been provided positive entrance


A vastu Grading for entire layout  “A” , a good vastu compliant plan with long distance consultation service.

A vastu Grading for  Individual  warehouse “A”